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About Us


Andeel was the old glass lantern that bathed our living rooms with dim light on those dark Beirut nights...

Andeel is the definition of nostalgia through the talented hands of passionate artists from around the world, shaping their feelings to bring you a scent, a touch, a beam of light from the orient to your home, taking you on a trip to a land far away or evoking a childhood memory...

Andeel is that exotic piece of art that reminds you of the seashores of Lebanon or the old Souqs of Damascus. It's that colorful hand-painted plate you saw at the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul. It's the tea set you wanted from Morocco or that cushion from your hotel room in Jordan. It's the arabesque mosaic piece you admired in Dubai or the souvenir you forgot in Egypt. It's all that and much more.

Enjoy the trip!


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